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« A welcoming business climate » (Source: Forbes and Bloomberg)

Access to huge markets!

Foreigners investors in Canada will take advantages of huge markets with ALENA (USA-MEXICO), CEE (Europe) (2015) and South Korea (2015)–a dynamic market (35 billions american dollars) representing half of the world production. (Source: World Bank)

A strong economy: From 2003 to 2012, Canada is ranked as 1st of G-7 for the economic growth (Source: World Bank)

Qualified skill workers

Taxes very low: Tax rate is very low for companies mainly for investments (rate is lower approx 17 points compared to USA) (Source: Finance Canada)

A concurrential environment for R&D: Canada is the country of G-7 where the costs of R&D are the lowest, ( 10,7 p. 100 lower than USA.) (Souces: KPMG)

Financial stability: « Best banking system of the world » (Source: World Economic Forum)

An exceptional place to invest, work and live:  As Multicultural society ,Canada has many world-class unversities and schools , a universal sytem for health ,green cities , and the second highest level of life in the countries members of G-20 ( PIB per person). (Source: World Bank)





Population (millions)



GDP (billion USD)

1 424

1 821

Inflation rate



Unemployment rate



GDP per capita

USD 43 248

USD 52 218

2- Fill out an application in a business immigration program!


MGPHI works closely with 2 lawyers offices, specialized in immigration, located in Montreal and Toronto.

Every future immigrant receives a personalized and integrated service. We help you in all stages, professionally and personally.

– Develop business plans;

– Helping entrepreneurs and Immigrants Investors in their choices of partnerships , investments and others;

– Advising clients in their start-up, business investment and other acquisition ;

– Support and advice our clients in investment and funds research  (loans , grants, etc.).

– Referring you to various professionals in our network according to your needs ;

– Conduct market research;

– Develop strategies (competitive advantages) ;

– Assist the family (language lessons,properties acquisition , etc.).

2.1 – Immigrant Investor Program :


– Have a net worth of at least $CAD 1,600,000;

– Have experience in managing at least two years during the last five years.

2.2 – Immigrant entrepreneur program :


– Have a minimum net worth of $CAD 300,000

– A minimum of two years experience as an owner and business manager in the last 5 years ;

– Submit your application in one of two program components (component skills to carry out a business project  or business acquisition in Quebec)


3- Planning and assisting you in your business trips (exploratory)

– PLANNING agenda exploratory trip (meeting with government departments, banks, entrepreneurs,enterprises  visits in order  to find  an interesting acquisition, meetings with real estate agents, accountants, find accurate information);

– Assist in the exploratory trip (presence);

– Prepare a report following the exploratory trip (positioning, comparative advantages, features products, services, benefits, project risks, suppliers, distribution, location, financial analysis).

4- Invest


In real estate:

How to proceed?

– Find a motivated seller;

– Make your profit from the purchase, not from  the future sale;

– Define your target;

– Unplug your instinctive side;

– Finance your investment.

Factors to consider

Current situation

Economic growth

The economic growth in Quebec in 2014 could surprise a little higher than expected, closer than 2% that the forecast, explained Mr Vachon, the President of the National Bank.

Interest rate

Current rates

1 year: 3,75%

2 years: 2,80%

3 years: 3,39%

International migration

56 000 immigrants in Quebec between 2012 and 2013

Employment and income

Unemployment rate: 7% (7,5% for Quebec)

Average income per family: 78 000$


Average price of a residence: 270 000$ (+3,8%)

Vacancy rate

3,1% in Quebec


5- Doing business

Start a  business  (start-up)

You have to build a business plan with:


  • - A company presentation
  • - The process sequence
  • - Define your market: main market, related markets, positioning.
  • - The vision and strategy of the entrepreneur
  • - Risks
  • - Marketing strategies to implement
  • - The financial resources (financial projection over 3 years and Financing – down payment, etc.).
  • - An annexe with resumees and other relevant documents.


Create a partnership with a Canadian company :

  • - Search the same  code;
  • - Contacts with CEO ;
  • - References of 3 customers and 3 suppliers ;
  • - What are the benefits ?
  • - Have a conditional preliminary agreement ;
  • - Final Agreement or not :
  • - Access to other markets with new products and services;
  • - Extend your outreach ;
  • - Increase the level of your production ;
  • - Get better prices through bulk purchasing ;
  • - Have access to new technologies.

Acquiring totally or partially a company :

  • - Location
  • - Investment Amount (% of purchase)
  • - Sectors ( competition + interesting companies – website)
  • - Calls to CEO
  • - Set your ROI in terms of sales and profits ( last three years )
  • - Number of Employees
  • - Visit of 2-3 business and decision
  • - Make a conditional offer ( financial due diligence , business value )
  • - Decision: If so, call a lawyer, if not, consider other possibilities.

6- Assisting you in order to get financial support


Canada and Quebec Governments gave each year a financial support to entrepreneurs. MGPHI can find what the best is for you.  We are able to assist you in order to get a maximum amount of grants and loans to develop you business to its best.

Different ways to get it:

  • - Financial institutions – loans for company
  1. - Diversification of your source of funding
  • - Personal background layout;
  • - Governmental subventions and loan guarantee

7- Assist you in order to find the best for your family

MGPHI expertise and knowledge are not only limited in the professional field.  We can find you housing (acquisition), the best school for your children and make every efforts to make your arrival in Canada easier. We can also give some private languages lessons (English-french)


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