More than ever, the human capital management is an issue with which competitive businesses must comply.
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Recruitment, selection and hiring

Choosing the right people who have the knowledge, the competence and the personal attributes which correspond to your needs is a great asset for your company. A bad choice can become very costly on both a short and long term basis. At Marcil Girard, we know! We therefore invest all the necessary efforts to ensure that the chosen candidate matches the requirements of the available position and that he/she shares the business values and the management philosophy.

We offer to supervise the whole recruiting process of selecting and hiring in order to free you from this administrative task, and thus concentrate on your business activities.

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Welcome and integration

A well chosen employee will integrate easier, evolve within a suitable environment, make the most of his or her potential and envision a long-term career advancement. That, however, is not enough. The company must ensure that it does everything possible to immediately allow the newly hired employee to feel that he/she is part of a team in which his contribution is needed.


Our team will set up a customized welcoming process for your company’s newly hired employees. This process normally comes into effect within the employee’s first few work weeks. The purpose is to enable the employee to learn about the business, its values, its work activities and business structure as well as its routines and customs.

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We also provide accompaniment in the implementation of these processes.


The mobilization of the employees is a tremendous asset for all companies who consider their working abilities to be a major factor in attaining their business objectives. There are certainly a wide range of mobilisation strategies but the training aspect remains by far one of the most accessible strategies and yet the most neglected. The training of an employee consists mainly of ensuring that the candidate fully understands his/her role, his/her objectives and the expected behaviour. It is therefore essential that the candidate’s contribution is clear; which enables him/her to work in a meaningful way and consequently to favour his/her mobilisation.

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Developing and implementing an evaluation process of the achievements which may allow the candidate to:


Human capital statement

The human capital statement enables a company to conduct an inventory of the competences of its personnel. It allows the company to establish the appropriate employee for the position offered and pinpoint the gaps. In case of labour shortage, it becomes crucial to ensure that the employees work to their full potential. The human capital statement enables us to identify the individuals who can advance within the company and also provide relief in times of shortage. It is hence important to know the company’s organizational competence in regards to the human resources.

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Individual and Organizational Development Plan:

The development of an individual and organizational plan is defined by the variations identified in the previous segment. It involves creating developmental activities for every employee which will enable him/her to acquire the knowledge and/or missing skills. The candidate will therefore be able to fully occupy his/her the role in the company and acquire the competence needed to advance within the company and therefore provide relief in case of a labour shortage. In certain cases, a transfer to another position would be the ideal solution in order to allow the employee to perform at his/her best.

Concerning the organizational development plan, it is important to identify the incomplete cross-curricular competencies in the company and offer appropriate developmental activities. The objective being to optimize the strengths in the workplace, improve the company’s capabilities ensure relief and preserve talents.