Our firm specializes in conducting financial statements and audits for different types of businesses and/or organizations in accordance with certain agreements and laws.

We assist you in determining the type of accounting and financial information that is useful and suitable for your business. We also assist you in training the personnel in order to use this information correctly. Although your management team is ultimately responsible for submitting the needed documentation in an accurate manner to the external auditor for the financial reports, our firm is responsible for verifying the information and emits an opinion on the financial reports which are subject to the standards of the generally known auditors.

Compilation Report:

A compilation report represents your financial reports for information use only without any guarantees or precisions (commercial leases, bank committements, investors, etc.)

Review Engagement:

A review engagement, when compared to the audit, based on an insurance level, has a smaller value than that of the audit. Therefore, the accountant does not give an opinion on the financial statements. However, he will explain that nothing indicates that the financial statements presented are not in compliance with the Canadian accounting principles generally known.


An audit determines whether the client’s financial statements is an accurate representation of the financial position of the businesses activities. In order to accomplish this, the firm examines the accounting books, inspects the documents, studies and evaluates the internal system and organization of the business, investigates and uses different known methods of auditing. Throughout this process, the auditor can equally present recommendations on the savings and procedures to better the businesses’ efficiency. The auditor will attend the company’s annual general assembly in order to answer questions from the shareholders and/or members.